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    Data Center

    Security is the top priority

    Data Center

    Security is the top priority
    Your data is stored securely in a data center that is designed to meet the highest security standards. The data center meets the high requirements of particularly sensitive industries, such as banks and insurance companies.

    Certification Standards

    The data center is certified to the following recognized standards:

    >> ISO 27001:2013

    >> ISO 9001:2015

    >> TÜV-certified data center

    >> Certification for certified green energy according to VdTÜV 1304 (Geprüfter Ökostrom nach VdTÜV 1304)

    >> Certification for certified energy efficiency, data center efficiency class A (Geprüfte Energieeffizienz, Effizienzklasse A – Rechenzentrum)