Save time and costs.

    MOBIDAT PortalNG

    All data in view – Time and location independent.


    You would like to see service mission data also from another workplace or live during a meeting. Once in a while plan a street cleaning or a winter street service tour from home. No problem.


    The telematics platform offers you via private Cloud all necessary software modules, so that you can plan your orders / tours or access your service mission data any time or any place. All the way up to the accounting. is designed for multi-client capability. Hierarchical organisation structures can be imaged. No matter in what complexity. The presentation of information takes place among others in MS Office documents, that you can of course adapt. Via various interfaces, existing software or maps can be integrated. With that you receive more transparency and save time, as well as costs in the execution of your business processes.


    >> Installation and maintenance of software,
    >> Licence for maps,
    >> Provision of complex server systems.