DAISY Digital Alarm & Information System

Intelligent Reduction of Response Time

    DAISY Digital Alarm & Information System

    Intelligent Reduction of Response Time

    Smart Reduction of Response Times AlarmGrafik  with MOBIDAT DAISY

    Plan – Notify – Report – Evaluate

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    A sudden onset of winter, an accident or an additional order to be carried out often requires your on-call service to be sent out immediately in order to guarantee the legal duty to maintain road safety. To date, it has mostly been necessary to manually process ad hoc telephone lists. But that is exactly what takes time and is rarely reproducible. It is often crucial to inform everyone involved as quickly as possible and send them out onto the street.

    Save valuable time when you need it! As of today, you no longer have to call each employee individually and wait for their reaction. With DAISY, the digital alarm & information system from MOBIWORX, you will be prepared for all cases. This way you can ensure the fast and uncomplicated deployment of your on-call service or the completion of orders, day and night!

    DAISY supports you in the digital transformation of your on-call service and work order processes.

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    With DAISY, you can quickly create a new work order, a notification or an alarm. All you need is a device with internet access and a browser. Your field workers need a mobile device with a SIM card as a remote station. Operations/alarms can be created and planned with DAISY via work groups and with individually prepared message texts. This saves you a lot of time when you need it and guarantees high quality, even when things have to go quickly.

    The system automatically sends the notification to the selected employees at the specified time. They receive the message and confirm receipt. If a team member does not react to the message, the system automatically reminds by voice call after a short period of time.

    You can follow the progress of your order in real time in the safe portal and intervene if necessary.

    All processes are documented in detail: Each reaction receives a time stamp from the system. This makes the data traceable and verifiable at all times.

    Afterwards, you run evaluations of the reaction speed and can thus specifically modify your processes.

    The system can be specially adapted to your needs and processes, on request.

    Disruptive changes bring immense benefits, but should be well thought out. Let our experts advise you on your tailor-made solution.

    Arrange a consultation appointment by phone at: +49 8035 964630. Or e-mail us to: sales[@]mobiworx.de.

    You can download the DAISY brochure as a PDF here.

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