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    MOBIWORX Event Year 2018

    MOBIWORX Trade Fair Presence 2018

    MOBIWORX Event Year 2018 - Review

    The MOBIWORX team would like to thank all customers and interested parties for their visit and the exclusive discussions with experts about MOBIDAT telematics products and solutions. The innovative and proven solutions from MOBIWORX were very well received at every event. The trade fair team is already looking forward to interesting trade fairs and events in 2019!

    Review of past events 2018


    Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona 13 - 15 Nov 2018

    Trade fair stand with Laptop with IOT applicationIn the coming decades, the growth of the world's population will also lead to progressive urbanization. It is expected that an additional 2.5 billion people will move to the cities of the world, especially in Asia and Africa. The world is becoming increasingly interdependent and cities need to work together across borders to meet similar challenges: population growth, climate change, congestion and pollution, to name but a few. Smart cities are the solution of today and tomorrow.
    The digital transformation requires an examination of a wide variety of questions: How will I remain competitive as a city in the future? How do I gain in efficiency? Which processes can I modify?

    MOBIWORX already presents the solutions of tomorrow with its MOBIDAT series and is continuously working on further innovative solutions to automate administrative processes. So that resources are spared and cities stay worth living. Especially with regard to waste management, which is a huge challenge worldwide.

    The integrated intelligent telematics solutions and in particular the IOT Deep Learning AI system for intelligent waste management attracted great interest from visitors from all over the world.


    IFAT 2018


    WorkPadIFAT, World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management, took place from 14 to 18 May 2018. More than 3,000 exhibitors used this innovation platform to present cutting-edge technologies, innovations, tailor-made strategies and customized solutions. This was precisely the right ambience for the ground-breaking telematics solutions from MOBIWORX. In the new Hall C6, Booth 353, MOBIWORX presented three groundbreaking new developments this year:

    * The brand-new MOBIDAT® smart on-board computer
    * Optimized MOBIDAT® tour planning and tour guidance
    * Smart IoT solutions for waste management and SmartCity.

    As a highlight, visitors were able to experience the MOBIWORX® world live in 3D and virtual reality.

    Congress Digital State: March 20 to 21, 2018

    Außenansicht Veranstaltungsgebäude Digitaler StaatThe digital transformation of the administration will be one of the central tasks and challenges of the federal, state and local governments in the current legislative period. The "Digital State" Congress 2018 covered four main thematic pillars: eGovernment, Digital Data Protection, Work & Personnel 4.0 and the Digital Household.

    With the MOBIDAT product line, MOBIWORX showcased its digitized road maintenance services to interested congress participants at stand U27. Whether in winter or summer maintenance services, in object inspections, in mobile order processing or in waste management: With MOBIDAT you digitize your operating data, seamless, legally secure, transparent, protected and accessible from anywhere. Thank you very much for your visit to our stand.

    IV. International Winter Road Congress 2018 in Gdansk

    Stand Winter Road CongressMOBIWORX presented innovative telematics products for the operating service in an exciting international context with its MOBIDAT product range. The MOBIWORX exhibition team says thank you for your visit and many interesting conversations.


    MOBIWORX Trade Fair Presence 2019


    DemoboardEAre you interested in smart solutions that optimize your processes in the operating services? Would you like to automatically record and digitize the operating data in winter and summer service? Do you want to optimize your playground, tree and section inspections? Are you looking for the optimal solution for waste management or for transparent order processing? Are you planning to increase the quality in your operating services, to document paperless, completely and legally secure, thus contributing to safety and saving resources? Then visit MOBIWORX at one of the events in 2019 and get detailed advice.

    Trade fair and event dates can be found in the news and at: Company / Events.

    MOBIWORX at the IFAT 2018 in Munich

    MOBIWORX presents smart board computers, optimized tour planning and IoT solutions for waste management & SmartCity.

    DemoboardEA successful IFAT 2018 in Munich with visitors and exhibitors from all over the world came to a successful conclusion.

    MOBIWORX Telematik GmbH can look back on an inspiring trade fair week. Numerous expert discussions and the exchange with customers and interested parties formed the highlight of this eventful week. The new and proven MOBIDAT telematics solutions met with great interest from visitors from all over the world. The fair turned out to be a good opportunity to lay the basis for a good cooperation through the personal contact with customers and interested parties. Ideal conditions for successfully launching and implementing new projects together.

    This year, MOBIWORX presented several new developments at the IFAT, helping its customers to become pioneers in digitization, process and resource optimization:

    • The brand-new MOBIDAT® smart on-board computer
    • An optimized MOBIDAT® tour planning and tour guidance
    • Groundbreaking smart IoT solutions for waste management and SmartCity.

    The exhibition team is now eager to process customer requests as quickly as possible and to respond to requests for further information as quickly as possible.
    As a highlight, visitors were able to experience the MOBIWORX® world live in 3D and virtual reality. Every day of the fair, the Top Scorer of the 3D game Mobile Brain Game won Special Edition 3D glasses. These glasses will now be sent to the winners after the show.

    For more than 18 years, MOBIWORX® has been developing, producing and distributing holistic system solutions that help customers work more efficiently and effectively. Be it winter or summer maintenance services, road sweeping, section, tree and playground inspections or waste management: As different as these applications are, the telematics systems used are just as individual. Always tailor-made to the needs of each individual customer.

    The use cases are explained on the website Also, feel free to visit and like MOBIWORX® on Facebook and Google Plus.

    The entire exhibition team wishes all IFAT visitors that they enjoyed an interesting trade fair visit and could take home lots of interesting facts.

    Here is a small photo gallery with impressions of the IFAT 2018.



    Booth2   WorkPad   VirtualR



    MOBIWORX presents new developments: IFAT 2018

    Hightlights at the IFAT 2018

    at full speed

    Visit MOBIWORX at the IFAT 2018: May 14 to 18, 2018 | new hall C6 | stand 353

    "If there's a way to do something better, find it!" Thomas Alva Edison.

    And MOBIWORX has done exactly that. Themed Digital Transformation in Street Maintenance Services and in Waste Management, MOBIWORX will present the latest digital solutions and products for modern business processes.
    With live demonstrations you will gain insights into the fascinating possibilities the MOBIDAT® telematics systems by MOBIWORX® offer you. Of course, you will also get the possibility to try out these solutions for modern street maintenance services and for waste management, onsite.

    A very special highlight is waiting for you:
    Explore the MOBIWORX
    ® world live in 3D and Virtual Reality. Buckle up, start playing and win daily prizes for top scorers!

    This year, MOBIWORX will be presenting several new developments at the IFAT that will help you to become a pioneer in digitization, process and resource optimization:

    Brand new MOBIDAT® smart on-board computer
    Optimized MOBIDAT
    ® tour planning and tour guidance
    Groundbreaking smart IoT solutions for waste management and SmartCity.

    Find the way to new ideas and inspirations. The trade fair team looks forward to welcoming you
    at the IFAT 2018 in hall C6, booth 353. Would you like a personal consultation? Why certainly! Do not hesitate to contact the trade fair team in advance.


    Happy New Year

    A successful happy new year 2018!

    We wish all our customers, drivers, partners and suppliers a very happy and successful year 2018.

    Instead of sending season's greetings cards, we have made a donation to Albert Schweitzer Kinderdörfer und Familienwerke Rosenhof in Neubeuern to support their valuable work.

    Your entire MOBIWORX team


    Successful first exhibition at the KOMMUNALE in Nuremberg

    MOBIWORX presents future-oriented and well-proven solutions for the digital administration of today and tomorrow.

    Lively visitor stream and many good conversations

    For the first time MOBIWORX Telematik GmbH took the opportunity to present her solutions at the KOMMUNALE 2017 in Nuremberg. This decision proved to be extremely successful as the interest in the MOBIWORX trade fair stand was remarkable. The trade fair team around the CEO Jürgen Potocnik was thoroughly involved in numerous very good discussions with interested parties and customers from municipalities, cities and districts.

    At the KOMMUNALE 2017, MOBIWORX presented innovative and well-proven telematics concepts and solutions for street maintenances services, building yards and affiliated service providers. The digital MOBIDAT telematics solutions, from Winter Maintenance to Tree Inspection, from Road Sweeping to Object Inspection, attracted a great deal of interest.

    Visitors to the exhibition stand are very enthusiastic about the effective, legally secure digital solutions

    "Many visitors were specifically interested in the legally secure documentation of their tasks and activities in maintenance services and inspections. 'Legal certainty' seems to be an issue with growing importance", the exhibition team remarked: "When using playground inspection, is it definitely traceable that I have actually checked all devices?" was the urgent question of a service provider. "MOBIDAT tree inspection can really help me build my tree cadastre?" so the enthusiastic exclamation of a new officeholder. Of course both questions could be answered with a clear 'yes' by the trade fair team. And directly demonstrated the adequate solutions live in the web application respectively on the mobile device. The demand for telematics solutions for the classic winter maintenance services is unbroken. The same is true for all other MOBIDAT solutions, from Road Sweeping through Section Inspection to Order Disposition.

    New possibilities of digitization

    IoT, SmartCity and digitization are catchphrases, which are also indispensable in public administration. MOBIWORX already has innovative solutions in the making. Visitors to the MOBIWORX booth at the KOMMUNALE were already able to catch a glimpse of these new projects. The next trade show presence of MOBIWORX is sure to be bodacious.


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    Ensure Traffic Safety of Trees with MOBIDAT Tree Inspection

    Ensure health and traffic safety of trees with MOBIDAT Tree Inspection and WorkPad 2

    Ensure traffic safety of trees with MOBIDAT Tree Inspection

    Raubling, June 01, 2017. The mobile WorkPad 2 with the telematics module MOBIDAT Tree Inspection of MOBIWORX supports tree inspectors in the systematic visual inspection according to the FLL 2010 guideline.

    Healthy trees represent life: Every healthy adult tree produces enough oxygen for around ten people daily. Trees filter out pollutants from the air, provide shade and embellish our cities with their fresh green. However, the person who owns trees also has duties: According to § 823 BGB, he has to ensure traffic safety of his trees at all times. The mobile WorkPad 2 with the MOBIDAT module Tree Inspection of MOBIWORX supports the professional tree inspector in a systematic visual inspection according to the FLL 2010 guideline.

    Rugged handheld with process-controlled software does a good job in tree inspection

    With the mobile WorkPad 2 and the MOBIDAT telematics module Tree Inspection, MOBIWORX provides a practical tool for the tree inspector. The WorkPad 2 is extremely sturdy, withstands high humidity, is resistant to impact and shock. Thus this all-rounder represents the ideal companion under the open sky.
    The MOBIDAT Tree Inspection module on the WorkPad guides the inspector intuitively through the visual inspection process. The expert documents the condition of the tree directly on the spot, detects existing damage, photographs symptoms, and recommends necessary measures for maintaining the health and the traffic safety of the trees. The device immediately transfers the data to the secure Internet portal. That way, tree conditions are documented avoiding legal risks and tree conservation measures can be planned efficiently.

    Maintain and update the tree registry digitally

    If desired, MOBIWORX integrates an already existing tree registry into the portal application of the software. New trees can be easily captured with the built-in barcode or NFC reader. The exact position is determined by GPS and easily secured by just pushing a button. To find one particular tree in a comprehensive cadastre, filter options are available.

    CEO Jürgen Potocnik: "Developing the MOBIDAT Tree Inspection module, we have aligned exactly the needs of the tree inspectors with the regulations in the FLL 2010 guideline. This leaves nothing to be desired for an efficient inspection."

    Rugged WP2

    Rugged MOBIDAT WorkPad 2, the ideal companion under the open sky

    Rugged WP2 on ground

    Ensure traffic safety of trees with MOBIDAT Tree Inspection

    MOBIWORX Invites to: The bauhofLeiterFORUM 2017

    Visit MOBIWORX at the bauhofLeiterFORUM 2017 in Mainz-Mombach

    MOBIWORX Invites to: The bauhofLeiterFORUM 2017

    Visit MOBIWORX at the bauhofLeiterFORUM 2017 in Mainz-Mombach

    The bauhofLeiterFORUM

    The Bauhofleiter-Forum will take place on July 13, 2017 from 8.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. in Mainz-Mombach in Halle 45.  This location, a former wagon factory, is worth a trip alone. MOBIWORX presents innovative telematics products for the maintenance service, keeping with the industrial charm of the former wagon factory. Whether winter or summer maintenance, tree, section and playground inspection. MOBIWORX provides suitable telematics solutions for all requirements.

    The MOBIWORX team is looking forward to a bustling stand and many interesting conversations.

    Trade Fair Stand with Lightbox showing a snowplow

    Additional Space for Concentrated Know-How

    The production and the support team move to an additional floor.


    MOBIWORX is steadily expanding, and higher capacities need space. Therefore, the production and the support team move to an additional floor the size of 400 square meters.

    Innovation needs space to grow

    Chief Executive Officer Jürgen Potocnik: "It came in very handy that a complete floor became available at our company headquarters. We immediately took the opportunity and moved into these 400 additional square meters. It is the ideal investment in a successful future. We would like to offer our employees an ideal working environment while at the same time expanding our production capacities. This way, we can ensure optimal order processing in the future.“

    Well-structured production lines and lots of light ensure that the MOBIWORX team delivers the highest quality to its customers. On the same floor next door, the support staff assists its customers and users from new rooms as well. Working hand in hand with the production staff ensures optimal business processes.

    The future means investment in resources

    For further growth, jobs have been created, as the vacancies show.

    The developer team also benefits from the free space now available. An open space office encourages creativity, communication and group dynamics among the employees and lets you see the open culture at MOBIWORX.

    Overall, processes will be more transparent and efficient due to the moving. This will certainly ensure future innovations made by MOBIWORX.

    Person walking with yard stick in hand

    Review: Bauhofleiter Forum 2016

    A short video of our trade fair presence.

    We´ve been at this years "Bauhofleiter-Forum" in Neu-Ulm / Germany. Instead of a written review and photos, we edited a short video for your. Hope you like it. Enjoy.

    Trade fairs 2016

    Our trade fair presence in 2016

    Just like the year before, 2016 will become a strong year for trade fairs and conferences for MOBIWORX aswell.

    Definitely the biggest and most important trade fair for MOBIWORX, will be the IFAT in Munich. The world´s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw material management, will take place from 30th May to 3rd June.

    The Bauhofleiter-Forum has always been an obligatory event for MOBIWORX. This year it will take place on the 23th June 2016 in Neu-Ulm. We are definitely looking forward meeting you under the impressive glass roof of the Ratiopharm-Arena Neu Ulm.

    For the first time MOBIWORX will exhibit at the municipal trade fair in Klagenfurt, Austria. The trade fair will take place from 6th to 7th October.

    Please have a click on our dates section if you whish to obtain more information.

    We are looking forward seeing you soon,

    Your MOBIWORX Telematics Team

    Merry Christmas

    ...and a happy new year!

    Dear customers, friends and vendors,

    instead of forwarding X-Mas cards, we decided to donate again for the "Albert-Schweitzer"-Foundation which is supporting handicapped and disadvantaged children in a newly renovated farm amidst the beautiful landscape of Upper-Bavaria.

    But before the Christmas season officially starts, we want to thank all of you for the successful, delightful and trustful collaboration with our company. 2015 has been a great and eventful year for MOBIWORX.

    The whole team of MOBIWORX wishes you a Merry Christmas, a calm and reflective time among familiar faces and a happy new year!

    Your MOBIWORX-Team

    Winter is coming... comes the service.

    Due to a recently published report of the German Weather Service "", first snowfall will already come this weekend.

    Fresh snow is awaited in the South of Germany, especially in the Alps and even in the heights of the low moutain range in Central Germany.

    Therefore the team of MOBIWORX Telematics wants to whish all customers and drivers a good and smooth start into the winter service season. Stay safe and always have alway enough snow under your scraper bars.

    Take care,

    Your MOBIWORX Team

    (all pics: Copyright MOBIWORX GmbH)


    Inter Airport 2015

    Homeplay for MOBIWORX

    The 20th anniversary edition of inter airport Europe, International Exhibition for Airport Equipment, Technology, Design & Services, took place from 6th to 9th October 2015 at the Munich Trade Fair Centre. With a well positioned booth, the team of MOBIWORX could inspire many customers and visitors with their new telematic solution for airports.

    With a total of 676 exhibitors from 44 countries it presented a unique variety of the latest airport equipment on a total net exhibition space of 30,000 square metres. Also the outdoor area of the show has further grown and for the first time the indoor area stretched across three exhibition halls.

    Renowned as the leading one stop shop event for the entire airport industry, inter airport Europe is the first choice for airport operators when it comes to sourcing airport equipment, technology and services for ground handling, terminal operations, airport IT and airport design. A total of 11,900 international industry experts from airports, airlines, air cargo carriers and aviation-support attended the previous exhibition.

    Airport enlargement, refurbishment and new construction are currently high on the agenda for airport operators, not only in growth markets but also in Europe where there is an evident tendency to capacity constraints. As a result, innovations in the areas of fully automated handling systems, quicker data exchange, time efficient aircraft handling, energy-saving airport design and highest possible security standards were in the focus at inter airport Europe 2015 in order to enhance cost-efficiency and sustainability.


    (source: Inter Airport Europe, all pics Mobiworx)




    Winter service in the midst of summer

    Road salt and NaCl against pavement damage

    To prevent serious damage to the road surface due to the extreme temperatures, the timber yards and communal service staff situated around the area of the Rhine and Gelderland in the Netherlands, have recently sent out their vehicles for winter service. The dispersal of road salt and natrium chloride shall prevent possible damage to the road surface and therefore swathe the dampness caused by the sun´s heat.

    Usually the tarmac does not melt among temperatures between 320 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit but old pavements may start to getting soft by temperatures between 104 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Also there is a high thread of so called "blow ups". Concrete slabs start to expand in the heat. When the slabs collide, massive compressional stress may cause currogations in the road surface, causing momentous road accidents.

    Read the full story (in German only) from our colleagues of WDR here.

    MOBIWORX goes Social Media

    Facebook, Google Plus, Youtube

    Now you can also find us on Facebook, Google Plus and Youtube. Have a click – we appreciate every Like and follower. Check out our network under the following links:


    Google Plus



    VKU Conference

    Back from Berlin

    This years conference for communal waste industy in Berlin has been a great succes for MOBIWORX. Again there were several chats and interesting conversations with decicion makers, customers and potential buyers on site. All in all a very pleasant and successful event for MOBIWORX. VKU

    The VKU is the representation of interests of communal companies and service suppliers in the waste industry sector. It has been founded in 1949 in Berlin.

     For further information, have a click on the official website of the VKU.


    "A positive feedback"

    MOBIWORX at the "Bauhofleiter Forum" trade fair in Mannheim







    In the right place at the right time: communal services, associations and communal labour met at this years trade fair "Bauhofleiter Forum" which took place on the 19.May 2015 in Mannheim. Interesting lectures, presentations and talks completed the technical exhibition at the "Maimarkt-Area". Parallel to the exhibition, another specialized fair took place at the same fair ground. An additional and welcomed benefit for the exhibitors and visitors of the fair.

    About 200 visitors could be counted by the organizers. Among impressive speeches and lectures, the visitors could also get acquainted with the newest technologies and innovations for the communal service sector. Mr. Ralf Melber, responsible for the trade fair, expressed his gratitude towards the positive feedback. "It´s great. Compared to last years event, we could improve a lot and even increase the requests ", he said in an interview.

     In the future, the organizors want to enlarge and improve their event even more. Ment as a local branch meeting, the aim of the organizors is to stand out from the big, international trade fairs. "We want to implement a stable growth, always proportional to the attendance", Melber said.

    For the team of MOBIWORX Telematics, the trade fair has been a great success aswell. The exhibition of the various MOBIDAT solutions and the real-time demonstration of the MOBIDAT WorkPad could attract many visitors.

    Copyright by Mobiworx Telematik GmbH, all rights reserved


    MOBIWORX in Mannheim

    Meet us at the Bauhofleiter Forum in Mannheim

    Are you interested in telematic solutions from MOBIWORX? Do you have any urgent questions concerning our products? Visit us at our booth at the Bauhofleiter Forum in Mannheim tomorrow, 19.May 2015, at stand No. 1.16.

    We will be there to help you and looking forward to meeting you soon.

    For further information check out the events official website.


    MOBIWORX on-site in Kempten

    Our consultant at this years conference about communal winter services in Kempten.

    Innovative telematics for communal winter services. That was one of the head topics on this years event in Kempten. MOBIWORX therefore sent their consultant Jörg Weissenborn to the conference that took place from 21. April to 22. April 2015.

    Helmut Hüttl, former head of Kemptens timber yard, has been organising events like this for several years. The target audience of the meeting are mainly communal winter services and road maintanance staff. During his speech, Hüttl said that "the right preperation and scheduling are most important facts concerning winter services". He insisted that the streets should be absolutely clear of snow and ice during the winter time. "This", he said, "should be the main task for all personnel during winter."

    Jörg Weissenborn, referent for Mobiworx, introduced the audience to the various fields of applications of MOBIWORX telematics. After that he spend time in order to answer the several questions of the audience.

    Jörg Weissenborn talk shops with the audiencethe audience in Kempten


    Strong trade fair presence

    Visit our booth on several trade fairs and conferences.

    This year will be definitely our strongest year for trade fairs and conferences.

     We will have a stand on in total five trade fairs and conferences.

    For the first time also at the famous Suisse Public trade fair in Bern, Switzerland as well as the Inter Airport in Munich, Germany.

    Please have a click on our dates section to obtain more information.

    We are looking forward seeing you soon,

    Your MOBIWORX Telematic Team


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