Playground Inspection with MOBIWORX Telematics

Legal security according to DIN EN 1176-7 - Playfully simple.

Swing, slide, climb. Only too eagerly children frolic and romp on playgrounds. While doing so, they trust blindly in the safety of the play equipment.

All the more important that the play equipment and playground can grant a high level of safety. Safety that you as cost unit owner are responsible for. Regardless of whether it be a swing, a slide or a climbing tower – regular safety inspections ensure safe play equipment and prevent accidents on the playground. Therefore playgrounds are regularly to be inspected and maintained. In this respective, German and European Standards set the legal scope. Play equipment on playgrounds in public areas as well as in children’s day care centers must be initially released and routinely checked. The MOBIDAT solution simplifies the procedure for playground inspections and enables the drawing up of proof for your legal security according to DIN EN 1176-7. During the playground inspection, the inspector is actively supported. All information regarding the playground is displayed to the user at a glance. Safety related defects are automatically recorded and are transmitted to the Internet platform The digital map makes it possible to display and pinpoint each and every playground, including the equipment. Automatic end-to-end documentation, as well as a precise presentation of the costs of effort are self evident. With legal documents, you can face liability and financial consequences.