Winter Maintenance with MOBIWORX Telematics

Salt-spreading documentation with automatic data acquisition, in the minutest details – makes handwritten recordings obsolete.

Especially in winter, road users expect to be able to be fully mobile. An expectation which places very high demands on street maintenance service. Year for year.

Just sending a salt spreader vehicle on the way is no longer enough today. And, the more vehicles are used simultaneously, the more complicated it becomes to keep the overview. A site- and timely documentation is obligatory, but is often neglected in working stress. An exact documentation of time and place is mandatory.

Focus on what is important

MOBIDAT has been specifically designed to automate time-consuming workflows. This not only relieves the driver, but also the office. The real task is again in the focus: Winter maintenance. When the street maintenance services move out to free roads and paths of snow and ice, there is no time for documentation in a comprehensible quality. The MOBIDAT telematics systems are fully automated (georeferenced) and document all winter service data. Without additional paperwork. All data are available shortly after the service mission. Via secured Internet. Without elaborate software installation. The platform makes it possible. Data that enables a complete cost and performance calculation. Map overviews and analyses are automatically divided over the cost units. The billing for the contracting entity becomes a piece of cake. Even with a small budget, a sustainable cost management is ensured. That's how telematics give the desired benefit.